Certificate Program in Computer Based Accounting and e-Commerce Applications - CPAEA

A proper training for productive use of technology is necessary for a great career, business growth or for a better quality of life and of course for attaining continuous progress.

Information Technology has become a bigger part of modern society. The people who can utilize computers at work place are in demand in every industry like health care, law, pharmaceuticals, finance, telecommunication, aviation, tourism, government sector, revenue departments, super markets, banking, insurance sector and automobiles etc.

So there is a critically high demand for people who have the knowledge and skills essential for computer applications, accounting software and e-Commerce applications to meet the needs of businesses and industry. Computer based accounting leads to good, responsible positions in a field where good accounting personnel are always in demand. E-Commerce (buying and selling over the Internet) and e-Business (conducting business using Internet technology) are today’s fastest growing sectors globally. There is even great necessity of using e-Commerce applications by business people, professionals, self-employed and entrepreneurs for their success. The objective of this training is to train the people professionally for the entry level, essential skills and enabling them to have many options to make use of computer applications in effective way.

A continuous progress is possible only with the training for the use of latest information technology. Those who cannot change their mind cannot change anything.

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